Friday May 26, 2023

Bamboo Palm | Significance & Promising Tips To Care

Bamboo Palm

Plants add to the sense of serenity and aesthetics of the place they are kept. With the emerging trend of home or office decor plants, the popularity is also enhancing swiftly.  Although, some individuals relate it to the health benefits it offers. Whereas the beauty and grace of the plant make it capable of carving its own place in beautifully designed spaces. Everything related to this houseplant is elaborated on in this post. 

Bamboo Palm and Its Uses

The bamboo palm, also known as Chamaedorea Seifrizii, is a one-of-its-kind plant. This palm is native to Costa Rica and the tropics of South America. Speaking of the body structure of this plant, the trunk, which is equivalent to the reed, is green. The average height of this palm is 4 feet. However, in suitable conditions and avoidance of repeated trimming, it can grow to 12 feet. The canopy of this palm, on the other hand, can easily extend 3 to 5 feet in diameter. The reedy trunks grow about one inch in thickness since they develop in bunches. 

The bamboo palm is a lot more than a decor plant and offers various benefits:

  • Health

There is no denying the fact the air around the bamboo palm remains fresh and cleaner. This plant acts as a filter and purifies the toxins present in the air. Apart from eliminating the impurities from the air, it also reduces the odour and makes the ambiance pollutant free. The adulterants that remain on the target of bamboo palm are Carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, chloroform, and benzene. 

  • Decoration

The decorative value of this palm adds to its popularity. The sense of greenery it brings with the shabby and beautiful clusters contributes to the aesthetic value of any place, from home to office. Another great thing about Chamaedorea Seifrizii is that it doesn’t attract pests and doesn’t even drop leaves frequently. In other words, the bamboo palm is one of the best in a plant nursery. 

Useful Tips to Take Care of Bamboo Palm

It’s not too hard to take care of the bamboo palm. It requires only a few things that need to be considered. 

  • Soil

A well-drained, bubbly and permeable soil is the best for this kind of palm. However, the sandy soil has high drainage. It is incapable of keeping the moisture for a long time and ends up stranding the palm roots dry. The clay soil is also not suitable for this houseplant. Thus, you need to blend peat moss into the soil in a 1:2 ratio. Besides this, the pH level of the soil should be 6.0 to 7.5 to make it adequate for this palm. 

  • Watering

The Chamaedorea Seifrizii prospers well in damp environments with damp soil. In order to avoid any issue with the plant, you should leave the top one inch of soil dry between the waterings. It is recommended because the palm roots are prone to attack in both dry and wet situations. Hence, it is advisable not to overwater this plant. 

  • Temperature and Light

Even though these palms are tropical natives, they are capable of bearing high temperatures. They can’t tolerate freezing environments. Thus, the temperature of the place should remain between 70 and the mid-80 Fahrenheit. Also, it needs to be noted that this palm requires filtered or spotted light. If exposed to direct sunlight, the leaves of this houseplant may start fading and end up with brown tips. The plant nurseries grow and take care of this palm at an appropriate temperature. 

In Final Words

Among other home decor plants, the bamboo plant is regarded as one of the best options. It offers the place magnificence and serenity. However, you should be aware that the fruits of this palm are full of oxalate. This substance is really hazardous for both human and animal life.

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