Saturday Feb 04, 2023

Five ways to harness the power of purpose

Leaders instinctively understand the value of corporate purpose. They know that, when it is well articulated, a company’s purpose statement—or the best proxy for it, such as a mission or vision statement—serves as a north star. It is a reminder of what matters most and provides clarity to employees, managers, and leaders about how to […]

When it comes to changing culture, think small

Effective leaders know that long-term corporate success requires a strong organizational culture that is well aligned with a company’s purpose and strategy. As Lou Gerstner wrote, describing the turnaround he orchestrated at IBM in the 1990s, “I came to see, in my time at IBM, that culture isn’t just one aspect of the game—it is […]

The second age of foundational technologies

The world is in nonstop turmoil. A pandemic has killed millions. A grinding war is underway in Europe. In many countries, there are deep political divides and public unrest. The global economy is facing stalling growth, and there’s a widespread sense of angst. An observer could have penned these observations on the state of the […]

The letter of the law

There are lots of lawyers in Philadelphia, but a Philadelphia lawyer might practice anywhere, for the term isn’t limited to practitioners in the City of Brotherly Love. The earliest meaning, deriving from the city’s reputation as home to the best attorneys in the colonies, was purely an encomium. Later, a more ambiguous shading crept in, […]

Does your culture fit your strategy?

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast” has been one of the most lasting aphorisms in business. The phrase has been so durable because it accurately, and vividly, describes a common issue: trying to pursue a strategy that the organization isn’t ready for. Yet although the phrase nicely sums up the problem, the solutions are harder to […]

Electric planes take off

Two airports in Spain illustrate both the past and future of commercial aviation. In the country’s east, more than 100 jet aircraft, including giant A380s, glisten like a mirage under a scorching Iberian sun at Teruel Airport, a parking lot for technology past. Only a few of these gas guzzlers are likely to fly again. […]

Healthier, wealthier, and wiser?

Mike Jakeman reviews Slouching Towards Utopia: An Economic History of the Twentieth Century, by UC Berkeley economics professor J. Bradford DeLong, who seeks to understand why the supercharged growth of the 20th century failed to deliver us to a state of comfort and satisfaction. Source link

The new work–life balance

If you look up the history of work–life balance, you’ll find different takes on the concept’s origins. Many people give credit to Robert Owen, a Welsh manufacturer and the “father of British Socialism,” who decided that labor practices in the early 1800s were too demanding, and so started advocating for a balanced workday of “eight […]

Spinning uncertainty into success

The Upside of Uncertainty: A Guide to Finding Possibility in the Unknown by Nathan Furr and Susannah Harmon Furr, Harvard Business Review Press, 2022 Everywhere you turn, uncertainty seems to be on the rise. Dire climate predictions, unease in the workforce, novel diseases, political and economic volatility. The digitization of everything is monetizing our attention […]

The other Machiavelli

However cynical it may seem, Machiavelli’s The Prince has long been recognized as a source of insights for anyone trying run a business or gain power in one. A ferocious little treatise of under 100 pages, The Prince was aimed at Lorenzo de’ Medici, the iron-handed Florentine ruler, by an author hoping to regain the proximity […]

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