Wednesday Feb 08, 2023

Kevin Spacey says he will ‘voluntarily’ face sex assault charges in Britai


Kevin Spacey says he plans to “voluntarily appear” in court to answer four charges of sexual assault.

The actor is accused of crimes against a man in London in 2005 and against another man in the same city in 2008.

The fourth sexual assault is alleged to have taken place in April 2013 in Gloucestershire against a third man, according to Britain’s Crown Prosecution Service Special Crime Division.

Spacey, 62, confirmed on Wednesday morning that he planned to travel to Britain.

He told Good Morning America he was “confident” he can prove his innocence.

“I very much appreciate the Crown Prosecution Service’s statement in which they carefully reminded the media and the public that I am entitled to a fair trial, and innocent until proven otherwise,” said the American Beauty and House of Cards star.

“While I am disappointed with their decision to move forward, I will voluntarily appear in the UK as soon as can be arranged and defend myself against these charges, which I am confident will prove my innocence.”

Spacey has previously been accused of sexual misconduct when actor Anthony Rapp said the two-time Oscar winner had made advances against him when Rapp was a child.

Rapp said that when he was 14 he was at a party at Spacey’s Manhattan home when the older actor, then aged 26, allegedly grabbed his bottom and lay on top of him on a bed.

After the allegation was made, Spacey took to Twitter to apologise but said he did not recall the incident.

Rapp has since taken civil action.

Last week, the CPS authorised the charges relating to the more recent allegations. The actor has not been arrested or formally charged because he is not in Britain.

There were reports earlier this week that British prosecutors were prepared to seek Spacey’s formal extradition from the US, if he did not travel to Britain voluntarily.

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