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Most Popular Types of Rummy Games – A Brief Introduction

Rummy Games
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Card games are enjoyed globally as the go-to form of entertainment. Rummy occupies a special place in different cultures, and the game has been modified to give birth to various variations enjoyed today. Some of them are mentioned here. 

Gin Rummy

Gin Rummy warrants at least two to four players, and the players have to deal with ten cards to make sequences and sets. Players can win this game without having a complete set of cards. The primary objective is to discard cards, and the player who can get rid of all the cards before anyone else is the winner. The game’s origin is the United States of America, also known as Gin Poker, Poker Gin, Knock Poker, and Gin. 

While the players are dealt with ten cards, the rest remain in the stockpile, and the 21st card is kept face-forward to initiate the discard pile. 

Thanks to the introduction of the Internet, you can play online Gin Rummy games while on the go. Install the game on your device, tap play and let the app randomly select opponents for you. Moreover, some apps have ongoing contests and tournaments where you can participate, along with other online opponents. These tournaments may or may not offer lucrative cash prizes. It would be best if you scored higher than the other participants to win the reward. 

13 Card Rummy

As you can understand by its name, each player is dealt thirteen cards in the 13 Card Rummy version. There’s at least one impure and pure sequence among the thirteen cards. The variant is most prevalent in India but also enjoyed globally. 

There are different variations of this game:

  • Points Rummy – It is played for points, and players must declare their hand and get a score of zero to win the game. The losing players must calculate the remaining points, and that score will be added. The winner wins a reward based on the total points of the opponent. 
  • Deals Rummy – Players deal with a fixed number of cards, and when the game starts, all the players are provided with a fixed amount of chips. Winners win chips according to the scores at the end of each round. 
  • Pool Rummy – Mostly available on tablets and mobile applications, this variant is a rounds-based game, and the gameplay is similar to Points Rummy. The game is played until you score more than 101 or 201 points. The game takes longer to finish than its other versions because the winning player must get 0 points in each round. 

Contract Rummy

Contract Rummy is formed out of Gin Rummy, which involves seven rounds. Each round warrants players to get a mixture of card sequences to win. The first four rounds are dealt ten cards and twelve cards in the final three rounds. The game gets more challenging to play as it progresses. 

Oklahoma Rummy

Another popular form of Gin Rummy is Oklahoma Rummy. It is a challenging game and is played with two to four players. It uses the conventional deck of 52 playing cards, and the objective is to get clear of all the cards as soon as possible by combining them. Players must establish sequences and sets to beat their opponents. The scoring system is slightly different than other versions because the playing cards carry specific points that are tailed at the end of each round. It is an entertaining and quick game to play with friends, or you can participate in strategic battles and tournaments. 

500 Rummy

500 Rummy is played using a French deck of playing cards, and the points are scored by placing down specific combinations of cards from the hand or melding the cards. Players are not limited to only the top card of the discard pile, but you can take cards to decrease the pile. 

The game finishes when players don’t have any more cards in their hands or when no more cards are left in the stack. You will win if you are the first player to score 500 points. 

27 Card Rummy

The game is played with two to five players using three decks of playing cards and an additional set of two up & down jokers. Players must proclaim a minimum of three pure sequences according to the game’s rules. Besides the pure sequences, the remaining cards must be placed in sequences and sets. 

In this game, each non-dropped player gets positive points for the value cards in their possession and negative points for the value cards possessed by the other non-dropped players. Therefore, it is not difficult to set up this game, and it might take three to five minutes to play. 


Canasta is a Spanish word for a basket, and it is a kind of game with different versions depending on the number of players. It is played by four players in two partnerships, with two decks of cards and four jokers. All the 2s and four jokers are treated as wild cards, and the aim for the players is to form melds with seven cards of the same rank. 

Wrapping Up

These are some Rummy variations that are popularly played globally, and if you are a newbie, knowing these will help you decide which one to tap play. In addition, most of these variants are available online for your convenience. So install them and have fun.

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