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NZ PM’s latest viral mascot encounter

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Hooray, the weekend has arrived! And yet another long weekend, at that.

This week has been filled with yet more captivating and must-watch moments on social media.

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern had yet another hilarious encounter with a mascot that left Twitter users scratching their heads.

Plus, a group of hot air balloon passengers documented the moment they were forced to make an emergency landing smack-bang in the middle of a Melbourne suburb.

As always, if you spot any hilarious or captivating clips on social media, please tag us using the hashtag #TNDVoW. We would love to see them.

One scary ride

These hot air balloon passengers got a fright when they had to make an emergency landing in a Melbourne street.

This incredible footage captures the moment the balloon’s basket travels across rooftops in Elwood, located in Melbourne’s inner-south-east.

Luckily no one was injured in the incident. An investigation is currently underway to see what led to the hot air balloon’s apparent “malfunction”.

One of the balloon’s passengers, Karen, told 3AW that the pilot did an amazing job making the emergency landing.

“He missed the power lines, he missed the cars. Some big elm trees buffeted at our fall, so we didn’t come down too aggressively, although it was, you know, quite a thud,” she said.

“But nobody was hurt. He was incredibly calm. He did an amazing job, really.”

Kiwi fruit ballad

Everyone loves a bit of fruit salad – especially the Wiggles.

But how do we feel about a fruit ballad?

Well, New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern was greeted by exactly that upon her arrival in Japan this week.

Ms Ardern is currently abroad for a trade mission, stopping over in Japan before heading to Singapore.

After being greeted by government officials, she visited an event hosted by Zespri International – the world’s biggest marketer of kiwi fruit (New Zealand’s national fruit).

This video of two giant dancing kiwi fruit mascots accompanied by solemn traditional Japanese music sent the Twittersphere alight.

Many Twitter users expressed their confusion.

“I have some questions,” one wrote.

“WHY IS THE MUSIC SO SAD,” another exclaimed.

But perhaps the most important question: Why didn’t the red kiwi fruit get an invite to the dance party?

Funnily enough, this is Ms Ardern’s second consecutive appearance in our Videos of the Week series.

And coincidentally, her appearance last week also had something to do with comical mascots.

Check out her hilarious encounter with a kangaroo mascot here.

Millsy goes bananas

In more fruit news – we have an update on what Rob Mills has been up to lately.

The Australian Idol star took to social media to share a musical endorsement for Australian Bananas – even donning a banana suit and changing his Instagram icon to match the clip.

In the words of Gwen Stefani, this s— is bananas. B – A – N – A – N – A – S.

Okay, we’re done with the fruit gags now. We promise.

Call and response

This friendly interaction between a train driver and a passerby made us smile.


♬ original sound – user5034138261034

He just wants to fly

This guy dreamt of being a sugar glider – so he put the wings on his onesie to the test.

@wsb.shenanigans Jb just wants to fly…#PassTheBIC #funny #viral #fail #flyingsquirrel ♬ original sound – Wsb Shenanigans

Tummy tickles

This tiny turtle’s hilarious reaction to having his belly cleaned gave us a giggle.

Exploding friend

This puppy got a bit too rough with its friend – with heartbreaking results.

Nobody’s gonna know

This undercover mannequin impersonator gave shoppers a good scare – before he was escorted out by security.

Bam, the paint is gone

Plug in your headphones for some paint-stripping ASMR.


♬ original sound – Artem Balogh


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