Thursday Feb 02, 2023

Wordle Answer Today – August 29, 2022

Every day, Wordle resets, and a new word is guessed by millions of people from across the globe, but assuming the term is not easy, which is why you need some help. The thing is, guessing the word right daily can be challenging, considering that there are too many words that you can go with, […]

A new look at the microchip’s midlife crisis

Chip War: The Fight for the World’s Most Critical Technology by Chris Miller, Scribner, 2022 The global computer chip industry is more interesting than one might think, for two interconnected reasons. First, manufacturing computer chips has become a mind-bogglingly complicated process that has pushed the world’s most talented engineers to the edge of their capabilities; […]

The other Machiavelli

However cynical it may seem, Machiavelli’s The Prince has long been recognized as a source of insights for anyone trying run a business or gain power in one. A ferocious little treatise of under 100 pages, The Prince was aimed at Lorenzo de’ Medici, the iron-handed Florentine ruler, by an author hoping to regain the proximity […]

Testosterone Pellets Therapy – How Can It Help With Hormone Balancing

Many middle-aged and elderly people seek help from hormone replacement therapy. Hormone replacement treatment (HRT), which has been known since the 1930s, is becoming increasingly mainstream among patients of both sexes. As word spreads about how straightforward and fruitful the method can be when carried out properly, more and more individuals are likely to try […]

MLB 2022 Postseason TV Schedule on Fox, FS1, TBS, ESPN, ABC and MLB Network

The 2022 Major League Baseball (MLB) season concluded having provided many memorable moments. From Yankees outfielder Aaron Judge topping Roger Maris’ legendary single-season home run mark for an American Leaguer to the rejuvenated future Hall of Fame Cardinals slugger Albert Pujols joining the 700 home run club for his career. The Los Angeles Dodgers achieved […]

Ten Resources Every Fourth Grade Teacher Needs in Their Classroom

Whether you’re just starting out in your teaching career or are an experienced teacher, having the right resources makes a massive difference. All teachers know the importance of being prepared – having lesson plans and anything needed to support children is vital.  Stationery Starting with the basics, having enough stationery for your class is crucial. […]

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