Monday May 29, 2023

‘Peaky Blinders’ thieves go viral with brazen jewellery heist


In this week’s top videos, we take a look at a shocking Peaky Blinders-themed robbery, one mum’s hilarious parenting fail, and the moment Australia officially rejoined the space race.

With the days getting darker and shorter, we hope these clips brighten up your day.

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Costume party or heist?

Footage of a brazen jewellery heist in the Netherlands went viral this week after social media users remarked that the thieves looked like they’d taken fashion cues from hit TV show Peaky Blinders.

In footage posted to social media, four men are seen wearing flat caps, jackets and ties, reminiscent of the wardrobe seen in the UK-based drama.

One of the well-dressed men is seen smashing a glass display case with a sledgehammer, before reportedly making away with a €27 million ($41 million) collier.

Go back to sleep!

This mum’s attempt to communicate with her son using their baby camera went horribly wrong.

@missmoose14 he’s been scared of the camera ever since 😩🤷‍♀️ #fyp ♬ original sound – missmoose14

Blast off

NASA launched a rocket from Arnhem Land this week in what was the space agency’s first from Australian soil in 27 years.

Two more rockets are set to take flight this month, with the company behind the project saying they aim to eventually launch 50 rockets a year from the remote location.

Shoo, pigeons!

This is what happens when you sell seeds without any netting – you’re pestered by (human-sized) pigeons!

Just keep rolling

Legend has it this lone wheel is still rolling across suburban Adelaide to this day.

Seal slide

Instead of lending a flipper with the cleanup, this seal decided to treat the empty pool as its own water park.

That’s the spot

After being fed and given a good scratch, this hungry hippo is in absolute heaven.

Reel it in!

This crafty bird used a bread crumb to snare an even bigger snack.

Dog falls asleep

Benny the guide dog fell asleep on his first day on the job.

When you’re that cute, you can get away with it.

Watching the ducks

After a long, tiring week at work, there’s nothing better than digging yourself a pit to watch ducks at the park. At least this bear thinks so.


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