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PM’s soccer stumble, Matildas’ hilarious sprinkler encounter

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Hooray, it’s the weekend! Better yet, it’s election day — meaning we can finally say goodbye to the madness of election campaigning.

For now, anyway.

And what a bizarre election campaign it has been, perhaps perfectly capped off by Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s bungle at a soccer club while visiting Tasmania.

If you somehow haven’t seen the clip yet, be sure to keep on scrolling.

Plus, if you (understandably) need a breather from politics, don’t miss the moment incredible emergency workers save two men and their two pups in rapidly-rising floodwaters.

And be sure to catch the hilarious moment the Matildas soccer team had an unfortunate — but entertaining — encounter with some sprinklers.

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That’s a penalty!

First on our list is the video seen around the world.

Yep, you guessed it, Scott Morrison’s unfortunate soccer fumble.

The Prime Minister was in Tasmania to push his message days before the election and took the opportunity to join in on a soccer game. I mean, what could go wrong?

Well, the fun game took an unfortunate turn when Mr Morrison seemed to trip, knocking over 7-year-old Luca Fauvette.

Luckily, Luca was in good spirits and walked away from the incident without any injuries.

He even got ‘revenge’ on the PM when he appeared on the Nine Network the following morning.

“We were playing soccer and I think someone tried to pass [the ball] to me or Mr Morrison, and what happened – he tripped and he was trying not to fall on top of me. So he tried to fall underneath me,” he told the Today show.

“It should have been a penalty.”

Mr Morrison’s “bulldozer” comments earlier in the week sure didn’t bode well, many drawing the parallel between his self-described leadership style and his soccer performance.


It’s not every day you see giant birds at the supermarket — and quite literally shopping for bikkies

Rude surprise

Either the Matildas forgot to switch off the sprinklers or this was an epic prank.

Expert on breathing

Pop star Taylor Swift received an honorary doctorate of fine arts from New York University earlier this week.

Dr Swift turned her commencement address into somewhat of a stand-up routine, making several jokes about her new status as a doctor.

Click below to watch a joke about how she’s now a certified ‘expert on breathing’, or head to 2:51:27 to watch her speech from the start.

Back to the wild

After recovering from some nasty injuries caused by plastic entanglement, this penguin was released back into the ocean.

No pup left behind

These amazing officers worked to rescue two men and their dogs from fast-rising flood waters.

That’s a big ray

These Cambodian fisherman accidentally caught this stingray, releasing it back into the Mekong.

@natgeo The great Mekong stingray, also known as: river ravioli (jokes) #NatGeoTikTok ♬ original sound – National Geographic

No box too small!

This hound was determined to turn this water tub into a ‘ruffreshing’ seat.


This tub is RUFFreshing!

♬ original sound – Maggie and Thor

Bin thief

It’s pretty easy to guess who the culprit is — given their attire.

@tractor.singing I’m no detective but… #dogs#bordercollie#puppy#dachshund#sausagedog#guilty ♬ original sound – Ben

Bullets of Bucha

This artist decided to transform bullet holes in a fence in Ukraine into sunflowers — a symbol of life and prosperity.

@tidymoose #bulletsofbucha #ukraine ♬ Stefania (Kalush Orchestra) – KALUSH

Fresh water bears

This tourist got a shock when she peered into the water below.

@feefswanders This is not normal where I’m from lol #switzerland ♬ original sound – Feefswanders


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