Monday Jun 05, 2023

South Australian garbos strike over rostering issues



Garbage drivers across parts of Adelaide have walked off the job for 24 hours over what their union says is an attack on fatigue management protections.

The Transport Workers Union says Cleanaway drivers have been forced to work longer hours to cover roster gaps, with some denied leave because of staff shortages.

It says the company’s actions have impacted the ability of the drivers to manage fatigue which could result in accidents.

TWU state secretary Ian Smith said the workforce didn’t take the decision to strike lightly.

“Driver fatigue puts every single person on or around our roads at risk,” he said.

“Cleanaway knows this because drivers have reminded them time and time again, and yet it’s still trying to ram through dangerous rostering changes that will make it harder for drivers to get the rest they need to work safely.”

Mr Smith urged the company to return to the bargaining table to negotiate a deal that supported safe rostering.

The strike was expected to disrupt garbage collections across four council areas in Adelaide.

The company has been contacted for comment.



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