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Tesla driver wrecks jet using ‘smart summon’ feature

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This week, social media has been full of countless must-watch viral moments.

We saw a Tesla driver make a very, very expensive mistake.

We saw a brave police officer scale a building to rescue a small child from an apartment fire.

And, we saw a supposed ‘handyman’ try to execute some do-it-yourself garden extermination – with disastrous results.

TND has compiled all these viral videos – and more – for your viewing pleasure below. We do hope you enjoy!

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Police officer’s heroic rescue

This week, we witnessed an exhilarating police rescue via social media.

In a clip posted to YouTube by the Orange Country Sheriff’s Office, Deputy William Puzynski can be seen scaling a two-storey apartment building in Orlando, Florida to rescue one-year-old Sophia Elenus from a deadly blaze.

Her mother is heard screaming out for help as he makes his way up the building. Miraculously, Deputy Puzynski was able to grab the young girl by standing on the balcony railings and bring her down to safety.

The Deputy and Sophia’s family have reunited since the exhilarating rescue, where the sheriff’s office surprised the family with new toys and gifts.

“It was a joyful meeting, with tears & hugs & laughs – and lots of toys and supplies for mom & kids!” the sheriff’s office wrote on Facebook.

Sophia’s mother Barbara, who was also rescued from the blaze, called Deputy Puzynski her “hero”.

“That deputy is my hero. He’s changed my outlook on law enforcement. He was prepared to lose his life to save my life and my children,” she said.

Whole lotta damage

One handy feature in some Tesla vehicles is the ability to remotely ‘summon’ your car.

Tesla does advise, however, that you have a ‘clear line of sight to your car’ and you ‘check your surroundings’ prior to using the ‘smart summon’ feature.

Disaster struck at an aviation show in Spokane, Washington when a Tesla appeared to be summoned directly into a three-million-dollar jet (the most expensive plane on display, no less).

We’re not sure if this Tesla owner hit the button by accident, or somehow didn’t see the jet standing in the way, but this sure makes for a cautionary tale.

Don’t try this at home

This ‘handyman’ was trying to get rid of some ants nests, but his technique had disastrous results.

It gave his poor dogs a bit of a shock, too.

Next time, call the experts.

Dear fellow thespians

You might recognise him best from his roles in Twin Peaks, Sex and the City or even 1984’s Dune.

But it appears American actor Kyle MacLachlan has taken on a new, Shakespearian role. And the stage? His home.

@kyle_maclachlan “O for a muse of fire!” In honor of #Shakespeare‘s birthday, a few lines in my best Elizabethan attire. “Good company, good wine, good welcome, can make good people.” (H VIII, 1.4) #PursuedByBearWine ♬ Sunroof – Nicky Youre & dazy

Are we there yet?

This blue heeler’s reaction to his family’s road trip destination is absolutely priceless.

@sky.q The other video got a “sensitive content warning” because of the end… but why?? 😂 #repost #dogsofttiktok #dogs #australiancattledog #blueheeler #acd #heeler #cattledog ♬ original sound – Sky.Q

Feeling really small

This Twitter user put the whole universe into perspective, and all we can say is ‘wow’.

Un-happy meals

Fun fact: If you’re an iPhone user, your phone can automatically put together video montages using photos from your camera roll.

That’s exactly what this Twitter user did – but it generated possibly the saddest collection of photos we’ve ever seen.

Not exactly #Foodstagram goals.

Sea snake’s shocking diet

This paddleboarder made a shocking discovery about what sea snakes have for brekkie.

Warning: Coarse language


Australia is a wild place, while exploring on my paddle board I found out that venomous sea snakes hunt and eat the most venomous fish in the world, the stone fish!

♬ original sound – Brodie Moss

Just slidin’ around

You’ve heard of the ‘cha cha slide’ – now it seems the ‘otter slide’ is taking over the internet.

@riley_lethbridge Just slidin around. #otter#canada#north ♬ original sound – Hailey Terry


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