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The Best Business Phone System Reviews of 2022

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Ooma Office is an ideal phone system for businesses with remote teams. The cloud-hosted system allows dispersed teams to stay connected, regardless of where they are working. With Ooma Office, employees can access their business lines from traditional desk phones as well as mobile and desktop apps, so they can make and receive business calls anytime and anywhere.

The Ooma platform also includes video conferencing services, which is especially beneficial for remote teams. It can support online meetings with up to 25 participants at once. This helps make Ooma a cost-effective solution, as you won’t have to purchase a separate video conferencing system unless you regularly hold larger meetings.

Ooma recently upgraded its video conferencing services with several added features, including a remote control tool that allows participants to take over another user’s computer. When in a remote control session, users can take over the other participant’s keyboard and mouse. This can be helpful when trying to fix an IT problem or when collaborating on a project. In addition, the video conferencing platform has a new meeting log feature that records who is attending each meeting and for how long.

While Ooma Office doesn’t have all the extras that some phone systems offer, it has many of the features and tools businesses with a remote workforce will find most valuable. These features include unlimited local and long-distance calling, dedicated phone numbers and extensions, a virtual receptionist, voicemail, call transfers, call logs, daytime and after-hours modes, ring groups, music on hold, and online faxing. Each Ooma extension includes a conference bridge, which allows users to host conference calls with up to 10 callers at a time.

The mobile and desktop apps help make Ooma a good fit for businesses with remote employees. Via the Ooma mobile app, which is available on iOS and Android devices, users can make and receive calls using their business lines, transfer calls to other employees, and manage voicemails.

With the desktop app, employees can make calls straight from their computers. The desktop app provides all of the functionality of a traditional office phone. It can be included in ring groups, allows for extension dialing, and lets you listen to voicemail. It also lets you create a company directory that can connect colleagues with the click of a button, lets employees read voicemail transcripts, and includes many customization options that ensure employees can be reached whenever and wherever they want.

Ooma Office Pro users now have access to the new Caller Info Match tool. With this feature, users connect their CRM service, online search engine or social network to the Ooma platform to get detailed information on inbound and outbound callers. This gives employees full profiles of the people they are connecting with.

Additionally, Office Pro users can tap into deeper caller analytics. The new tools allow users to track call volume by day or week and time of day. This can help businesses ensure they are adequately staffed when call volume is highest. The call volume analytics can be displayed in different charts and graphs to be easily deciphered.

The Ooma phone system is available in two service plans, which differ in price and number of features: Ooma Office and Ooma Office Pro. Ooma Office costs $19.95 per user, per month and includes most of the features Ooma offers. Ooma Office Pro costs $24.95 per user, per month and adds several more features, including the desktop app, video conferencing, call recording, enhanced call blocking and voicemail transcription.

To help businesses that are still operating some landlines, such as for fire alarm panels, elevator phones or fax machines, Ooma AirDial allows you to easily convert those lines to a digital connection. Ooma AirDial combines phone service, a T-Mobile data connection and hardware in a single package that’s simple to install and manage. Since the service doesn’t utilize the internet, it is expected it will meet federal life safety system requirements.

Ooma provides 24/7 customer support by phone, email and live chat.


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