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UNC vs Kansas: Watch College Basketball Championship Game Live

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It is just two hours to go, then the final bell for College Basketball Championship 2022. For the last two months, fans have watched all their favorite team games. Many teams had to say goodbye to the basketball championship. And finally, we got our two teams for the final of the NCAA Championship Game.


Kansas will play against North Carolina in the NCAA College Basketball Championship in 2022. These two teams have a long rivalry history. They once again met in the championship final round to see who was the most powerful now.

Let’s go past we are talking about the College Basketball Championship of 1957, when only 23 teams took part in the NCAA tournament. At that time, the Jayhawks were the most dangerous team. They had already won three championship trophies and were the top team in the tournament. Jayhawks reached to final, and the Tar Heels also reached the final of the college basketball championship. 65 years ago, UNC beat the top-ranked team Kansas.

It was the first time UNC had won the college basketball tournament. Since then, UNC has met six times with Kansas. Most of the winning record is in the Kansas pockets. They won a total of 4 times. But the legendary match of Kansas vs. North Carolina was won by the Tar Heels. This time Tar Heels will try to shortage the winning record distance in the baseball college tournament of 2022.

Here in this article, you will know when, where, and how to watch the Championship Game with some other info.

When and where is the College Basketball Championship Game 2022?

College Basketball Championship 2022 is set to play at 9:20 p.m. ET/6:20 p.m. PT on Monday, April 4. So, be prepared on time to witness one of the greatest basketball matches of all time.

The championship match will occur at the Caesars Superdome located in New Orleans, Louisiana. It’s a multi-purpose stadium. The stadium has a previous history with Kansas vs. UNC.

How to Watch UNC vs. Kansas College Basketball Championship Game 2022 on TV?

TBS is the official broadcaster of the College Basketball Championship game. TBS will broadcast the whole match of UNC vs. Kansas. In the previous year, CBS used to telecast the championship final game.

But in the call, we will hear our familiar voices. In the play-by-play music, we will hear the sound of Jim Nantz’s voice. Bill Raftery and Grant Hill will fill out the broadcast booth. And Tracy Wolfson will work the sidelines.

How to Live Stream UNC vs. Kansas Game?

Many options are available to stream the 2022 College Basketball Championship live online. So many live streaming servers will broadcast the championship match of Kansas vs. UNC. There are several options you can choose to stream the match.

You can use Sling TV, Direct TV, and Fubo TV to live stream the college basketball championship 2022. Sling TV will be the best option for streaming Kansas vs. North Carolina matches among all these streaming platforms. Cause it will allow you to stream the match at the cheapest cost.


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