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Choose the Best Carbon Footprint Calculator to Track Your Activities

Best Carbon Footprint Calculator

Our daily activities can lead to serious results that are dangerous for the environment. People have no idea how their lifestyle is, resulting in the growth of ozone depletion and global warming. If your near future predicts that you are going to suffer from respiratory illnesses or skin cancer due to negligence of your and other human activities that are harming the environment. How would you feel? You will surely not want this horrible imagination. Humans’ deadly environmental practices are, in the end, impacting them. If you want to bring a positive change, then choosing the best carbon footprint calculator is a fruitful decision. 

Still thinking, “Why”? You will get to know after reading the entire post! 

How are You Harming Yourself?

Humans are a part of mother nature. If any harm our planet bears, then, in the end, we need to suffer. For instance, the use of vehicles increases the Co2 level, which leads to breathing problems, headaches, hypertension, restlessness, increased heart rate, and many other issues. 

Below you will find the daily practices of humans that are linked to environmental degradation, which in result impacts all living beings.

➤Consuming Electricity

It’s hard to live without electricity. But do you know how electricity is made? Fossil fuels are burned to produce electricity that emits carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gasses. At a global level, 85 per cent of fossil fuels are burned to generate power. In the United States, 41 per cent of CO2 is emitted due to the production of electricity. 

How can you contribute? 

  • Don’t use a light when it’s not required. 
  • You can calculate the carbon footprint of your light and see whether it’s environmentally friendly or not. If not, then replace them with LED bulbs or compact fluorescent bulbs as in today’s era, they are considered most eco-friendly.  


The second largest source of CO2 emissions in the world is transportation. On a global average, out of 10 people, 7 people own cars and other vehicles. During the Covid-19 in 2020, almost all countries were on lockdown. The pollution level declined and was highlighted by various weather forecast authorities worldwide. Once the lockdown is over, the CO2 is again at its peak. This is one of the major reasons that youngsters are dealing with asthma. 

How can you contribute? 

  • Choose a walk or cycle to travel if the destination is short and convenient. 
  • Give an alternate day off to your cars and scooters and opt for public transportations. 
  •  Track the carbon footprint of your vehicles with the best carbon footprint calculator at consistent intervals. If it shows a high carbon footprint, get the pollution maintenance, use it less or replace it with advanced automobiles that are eco-friendly. 


Buildings involve the use of steel, cement, and iron, which are the significant offenders on the planet. Additionally, a lot of heat energy is used to make the buildings, which leads to global warming. 

How can you contribute? 

  • Bamboo, reclaimed wood, cork, recycled plastic, recycled steel, and a few more are eco-friendly construction materials. If you are planning a house or commercial building in the future, you can always choose them. Moreover, you can look for buildings that are majorly made with environment-friendly materials. 

Bottom Line 

There are many things that are in the hands of humans to protect the planet. The best carbon footprint calculator allows you to make better decisions by tracking your various everyday activities. It works like a true fellow that you can use anywhere and anytime.

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