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Who is Gladys Guevarra Husband

Gladys Guevarra Husband

This article discussed the husband and career of Gladys Guevarra. And revealed her biography and other information.

Gladys Guevarra: Who is she?

Who is the husband of Gladys? What has become of her? Continue reading the article to the end if you want to learn more about her private life. Gladys Guevarra Navarrete is a comedian, actor, and singer from the Philippines. In nations like the United Arab Emirates and the United States, she has more supporters. She was a PBB celebrity and voice impersonator as well. Let’s look at some fascinating details about Gladys Guevarra’s biography and her husband.

Filipino celebrity Gladys Guevarra was born in Olongapo, South East Asia. She was born on February 22nd, 1977. She works as a voice impersonator, singer, actress, and host. She began her career with GMA Network at GMA 7.

The Gladys band’s previous lead vocalist was Gladys Guevarra. I’m Going to Ride on with You Sasakyan Kita on the Boxers with K is a popular song that was also mentioned. During her tenure on the GMA Show at Noon, Gladys Guevara increased her prominence.

Who is the boyfriend of Gladys Guevara?

On May 12, 2021, Gladys Guevara and Michael Navarrete got married. Three days after they got engaged, she got married to him. Gladys Guevarra and Michael Guardian are now business partners after getting married.

Regarding Gladys Guevar’s line of work

With the GMA network, Gladys Guevarra began her professional career. She also changed networks, where she performed well. She changes networks to ones that feature scandals, and internal rifts, like Eat Bulaga. She was ejected from the show specifically due to her connection to Janno Gibbs. She mimicked the voice of Annabelle Rama’s diminutive actress Mahal.

She was the best lead vocalist at a young age. She enjoys expressing herself and using her mystery to demonstrate her area of expertise.

What has become of her?

On the 46th day of the reality game show Pinoy Big Brother, whispers began to circulate within the residence. With the co-host, there was a problem. Some difficulties and confusion are caused. The former vehemently denies the allegations. Due to rumors of a relationship, co-hosts Gladys Guevara and Janno Gibbs were fired from the program. They haven’t entirely endorsed it, though.

On day 58, she quit the PBB home because she was bored and depressed. Details about Gladys Guevarra’s husband and boyfriend were covered in the section above. To learn more about her social network and net worth, continue reading the section below.

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Filmography and Wealth of Gladys Guevarra

In 1999, Gladys Guevarra began her filmography. Eat Bulaga is her first host program! Her most recent performance was in Anak ni Waray vs. Anak ni Biday a Leng.

Given that Gladys Guevarra is 45 years of age. Since 2021, her net worth has been rising quickly. She is a wealthy woman with a net worth of $1 million to $5 million.

Links to social media

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Former Pinoy Big Brother personality Gladys Guevarra is a host, comedian, and entertainer. She appeared on several GMA Network programs. She has been employed by the same network since the year 1999. We don’t know her monthly income or any other financial information. Visit this link to see more Gladys Guevarra hosting videos.

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Gladys Guevara Spouse’s FAQ

Gladys Guevarra: Who is she?

Gladys Guevarra is a former PBB star and a Filipina actress.

She has a husband.

John Navarrete

Are Gladys Guevara’s children real?


What is her age?

She has 45 years on earth.

How much money does she have?

$1,000,000 – $5,000,000

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