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Key Maintenance Tips For A Bald Head


A bald head is an all-time classic look that enhances the masculine trait of a man’s personality. Take a look around and you’ll come across many admired personalities that have been rocking the bald look in style. There’s been a significant increase in the number of men deciding to shave their heads and the reasons are quite obvious. Firstly, it’s trending and it’s everywhere. Be it a celebrity or some bigshot entrepreneur, bald men are shining with their strong personalities. Another key reason for a rise in demand for an electric head shaver is the severe hair loss issues. It is a common and prevailing issue among men of all age groups. 

So, whatever be your reason behind head shaving, it is important to maintain it for a smooth and presentable appearance. Many people tend to overlook the aftercare maintenance aspect and end up looking unpresentable and under-confident. That’s a major mistake that most bald head people do. No matter whether you have hairs on your head or not, grooming is essential. Grooming here includes everything right from pre-shave and shaving to aftershave care. Missing out on any of these can make your dome look dry and ungroomed. Well, you can’t afford to let that happen. The key to being bald and looking good is proper maintenance. 

Not using a good-quality men’s head shaver is another common mistake that can impact your bald look. If you intend to sport a bald look, it’s necessary to keep it smooth and clean throughout. You cannot afford to let small hair strands grow in sections across the head area as that would make it look untidy. Maintaining a bald head is not easy therefore one must think it through before taking the plunge. Once you’ve made the liberating decision to shave your head, here are a few essential tips that will help you in maintaining a smooth and shaved head effortlessly. 

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While Head shaving: 

  • Use an electric head shaver 

It is necessary to use a high-quality electric head shaver for smooth and effortless head shaving. Traditionally, manual razors were used for head shaving; however, it makes the scalp surface rough and prone to blade cuts. Also, a manual razor head can give an uneven glide. Therefore, it is important to use a modern head shaver that will reduce the chances of razor burns and bruises. 

  • Use a moisturizer 

Moisturizing is essential. Whether it’s before or after shaving, using a mild moisturizer can help your skin retain its nourishment while being razored repeatedly. There are plenty of scalp moisturizers available in the market that you can choose from. 

  • Shave with the grain 

Well, the shaving direction is quite debatable as some prefer to shave against the grain while others believe in the opposite head-shaving technique. It’s just a matter of preference. To make it clear for you, shaving with the grain facilitates a smooth head shave and fewer razor burns. On the other hand, shaving against the grain gives a close shave. Since scalp care is important, it is best advised to shave with the grain. 

Before & After Head Shaving: 

  • Use a good quality shampoo 

Regular shampooing is important to keep the scalp clean and shining. Even though you no longer have hairs on your head, using good quality shampoo is essential. With a head shave, your scalp is exposed to direct sunlight and dust that makes it oily and sticky. You can get a wide range of shampoos sold by varied grooming brands that are customized based on factors like scalp type, allergic reactions, etc.

  • Use pre-shave and after-shave oils
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Many people tend to overlook the importance of a good pre-shave and aftershave lotion. No matter how modern or high-quality mens head shaver you use, it can damage the scalp surface due to inadequate care. The purpose of these lotions is to smoothen the head surface before and after a razor is used. These pre-shave and aftershaves are made of essential nutrients that nourish the scalp and hair follicles properly. 

  • Hot Towel & Scalp Massage 

These are additional care tips that help in maintaining a smooth and shiny dome. Using hot towel compressions can soften and stimulate the hair follicles and give a soothing feel to the head surface. Doing this regularly reduces the chances of ingrown hair and helps the scalp to absorb the moisturizer well. The efficiency of a scalp massage is quite arguable; however, it’s always good to have a quick massage for relaxation. 

Final Note 

Head shaving can be overwhelming for beginners as it’s quite different from other shaving types. The dome head structure and the inability to look at it while shaving can make shaving a daunting task. However, with a modern electric head shaver in hand, you are likely to improve with time. Following the above-mentioned tips before, after, and while shaving can ease the head-shaving efforts greatly. Have a smooth and shiny bald head with minimal everyday care.

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