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Kyle Morgan’s Story

Kyle Morgan’s story

On January 18, 2009, 24-year-old Kyle Morgan met 28-year-old Robin Burton Jr at a train station and welcomed him to his home in Woodstock, Illinois. The pair at first managed everything well, drinking and playing computer games together – Burton was a vagabond who was destitute at that point. They reinforced subsequent to falling flat to purchase drugs in the city.

Be that as it may, everything changed inside a couple of hours when Morgan pummeled a mallet to the rear of Burton’s head and continued to wound him in excess of multiple times. After the homicide, he escaped to the adjoining states yet was caught in Nashville. The crime location was supposed to be “extraordinarily fierce” with showcases of “wanton mercilessness”.

Kyle Morgan had a long history of psychological instability and substance maltreatment during the hour of the homicide

Kyle Morgan, who damaged Robin Burton’s body and spread the remaining parts on the wall, was supposed to be deranged when he carried out the homicide. He had put an UNO card 666 on Burton’s chest and left a message written in blood that read: “Reigning in damnation than serve in heaven is better.”

Because of the peculiar setting of the crime location, it was assumed toward the starting that the homicide was connected with Satanism and custom maltreatment. Notwithstanding, the preliminary brought Morgan’s set of experiences of serious psychological well-being and substance misuse issues to light.

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Morgan was determined to have bipolar confusion as well as experienced wretchedness and chronic drug use for quite a while. Notwithstanding various recovery, he had endeavored to end his life no less than multiple times since he was 16 years of age.

He used to run a MySpace page named “Rush Kill Kyle” and had a fixation on “genuine wrongdoing writing and drinking blood”. His profile contained photographs of bound ladies, bombings, chronic executioners, and pentagram images.

Morgan is right now serving the rest of his 30-year sentence in a state remedial focus

In the days prompting the homicide, Morgan had recently changed drug to Vyvanse (an endorsed pill that is typically used to treat ADHD). The specialist affirmed that a bipolar patient shouldn’t have been endorsed Vyvanse as it makes one become exceptionally crabby and triggers fierce eruptions.

Half a month subsequent to beginning the medicine in 2008, Morgan acted whimsically, harming his then-sweetheart and hopping from a second-story overhang.

At the preliminary, the guard credited the homicide to Morgan’s recommended prescription and suggested that his activities depended without really thinking, not planned.

By and by, Morgan confessed yet insane to the first-degree murder accusation required against him. On February 22, 2009, he was condemned to five years in jail as a piece of the request bargain.

After four years, in one more condemning completed on October 17, 2013, by McHenry District, Morgan was condemned to 30 years in jail. He likewise put out an extremely past due statement of regret to the casualty’s family, saying:

“I want to change the past, I truly want to believe that I get the opportunity to flourish in a positive manner.”

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Kyle Morgan, right now 38 years of age, is spending time in jail in the Dixon Restorative Center, Illinois.

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