Monday May 29, 2023

Machine 45m Series Sapphire

Machine 45m Series Sapphire

High-performance computer numerical control (CNC) machines in the Machine 45m series sapphire family is made by Yaskawa Motoman. The series was created for demanding, large-part machining tasks, such as those encountered in the shipbuilding, aircraft, energy, and major automotive industries.

The 45m, 55m, and 65m are the three models that make up the 45m series. Each model can be identified by the millimeter-long table. The 65m is the longest, measuring 6500 mm in length, while the 45m is the shortest at 4500 mm.
The devices have a spindle that can spin at up to 6000 revolutions per minute. Moreover, they can be equipped with a second spindle, which extends the speed range to 12000 rpm.

The exclusive MATRIX control system from Yaskawa Motoman is included with the 45m series. This technology offers the user a level of flexibility and capabilities never before possible.

Among the most efficient and dependable machines on the market right now are those in the 45m series. They can tackle the most difficult machining difficulties and are designed to perform in the most demanding settings.

The 45m series is the ideal option if you’re seeking a machine that can manage your large-part machining requirements.

Similar FAQs

What is the machine’s price?

The device is very reasonably priced and offers excellent value.

Which warranty is offered?

The machine is covered by a 12-month warranty.

What are the machine’s dimensions?

It measures 45 meters long, 45 meters broad, and 45 meters high.

What is the machine’s weight?

The device is 45 kg heavy.

What is the machine’s power consumption?

The machine uses 1 kilowatt of electricity.

What is the machine’s noise level?

The machine makes 45db of noise.

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