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Types of Laminator Machine Available | Industrial laminator

Industrial laminator

You need a laminate to protect the document from dirt, dust, moisture, etc. There are various industrial laminators that are available in the market. The thin plastic, not only protect your documents from dust but also save them from tearing. It offers a professional glossy look, which makes them more presentable. If looking for buying an industrial laminator for your own reason then these are some of the machines that are detailed below. Have a look!

Let’s briefly discuss the various types of laminating machine collections and other interlinked terms for a clear understanding.

Types of Laminator

The below-mentioned are two major two-sided laminating machines mostly used in the market. Therefore, let’s have a look at them for a better idea.

  • ALM Laminator

It is a laminator that does two-sided laminating with a completely glossy finish. Under this category, there are various industrial laminator machines available i.e, ALM 3222, ALM 3220, and ALM  3230, etc. Let’s have a look at these.

  • ALM 3222 Automatic Lamintor

This laminator has a heated roller which is used for crystal clear lamination along trim on all four sides in final finishing. It can use for the lamination of 13’’ wide sheets i.e,12.6’’ film coverage. The side trimmers are adjustable for perfect trimming outcome and edge sealing in a better way. In this machine, you can easily able to do one or two-sided lamination. The two films are available for different purposes such as bottom film work as a carrier for the sheet passing through the laminator. Whereas, the top film is used for the excellent final finishing on all one-sided lamination. This speed capacity is 25% more than the ALM3220.

  • ALM 3230 Automatic Laminator

It is a laminator and trimmer that provide automatic feeding, and lamination, trimming of sheets without any external help. A green color button is present on the machine, just with one click the machine starts to work labor-free. It results in saving time and cost of hand-feeding, plus automatically laminates up to 12’’x18’’ sheets. This is the upgrade version, where there is no need for hand-feeding and hand-trimming.

  • ALM 3220 Automatice Laminator 

Apart from these ALM 3220 is also available, this machine offers alert notifications regarding the feeding tray and film emptiness. It will not operate until the laminating temperature is reached, after reaching the ideal temperature, auto-start will happen. It also offers automatic stacking of the laminated sheet along with disposal of trim waste into the bin and auto shutdown.

  • Roll Laminator

This flexible laminator is capable of media slit lamination, simultaneous dual and single-sided lamination, and dual and single-sided photo embossing. This machine is particularly user-friendly since it has a side paper table and an automatic paper overlap regulator feeder system with a misfeed sensor that controls the paper gap and an automatic burst-cutting system.

These are some of the industrial laminators that are used mostly in the laminating industry for various purposes. Now let’s discuss some of the binding terms for a better idea of the whole process.

Along with these laminators, there are various things such as coil binding, comb binding, corner cutters, binding screws, etc. The list of equipment is quite vast in the field of print finishing. 


These are some of the industrial laminators available to use for lamination in the industry such as documents, booklets, files, etc. Apart from these, various binding and print finishing equipment are available to choose such as if looking for durable binding then comb binding is a great choice otherwise coil binding is. The list of options to pick from is quite long so think and choose.

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