Thursday Jun 08, 2023

Anthony Albanese’s jovial bike ride with Indonesian President


In this week’s top videos, TND takes a look at Prime Minister Anthony Albanese’s leisurely bike ride with the Indonesian President.

Plus, watch the moment Oklahoma authorities recruited two real-life cowboys to chase down an unruly cow causing trouble on a freeway.

And keep watching to see some quick-thinking travellers successfully rescue a man in a wheelchair that unexpectedly fell onto the train tracks.

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Diplomacy on wheels

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has embarked on yet another international trip – this time becoming the first Australian leader to travel to the Indonesian port city of Makassar on an official visit.

It wasn’t the only first achieved on the PM’s tour. Mr Albanese also became the first world leader to be invited on a bike ride through the presidential palace grounds by Indonesian President Joko Widodo.

After removing their suit jackets and strapping on helmets, the pair set off on a leisurely ride on bikes made from bamboo.

But according to Mr Albanese, the bike ride wasn’t all fun and games.

He said he spoke to Mr Widodo on the outing about strengthening the friendship between the two nations – all without breaking a sweat!

New fear unlocked

This big truck sure left a trail of destruction.

Thankfully, the car driving directly behind it avoided driving straight into a cavernous pit, stopping right in the nick of time.

Cowboy to the rescue

When a cow got loose on a highway in Oklahoma, authorities had to recruit two real-life cowboys to get things under control.


That’s Melbourne weather

This clip sums up Melbourne’s weather for you – doom and gloom one minute, and sunshine the next.

To the rescue!

These quick-thinking travellers came to the rescue when a man in a wheelchair fell onto the tracks.

Anthem rendition

Just when we thought we’d heard it all, this musician performed the Star-Spangled Banner using a musical saw.

Although the instrument may look like a woodsaw, it’s actually a musical instrument in its own right.

And thankfully, since it doesn’t have that precarious sharp edge, playing it isn’t quite as dangerous.

By using a bow on the metal, the instrument’s haunting tone is quite similar to that of a theremin.

The more you know!

Marking Ocean Day

The United Nations Development Programme made this stunning animation to commemorate World Ocean Day.

Hungry hungry beaver

This hungry – yet determined – beaver took on more than he could chew, or fit into his mouth.

Love coma

These sweet golden retriever pups couldn’t get enough of this cat – but it doesn’t look like the adoration is mutual.

Keeps nodding off

This adorable duck desperately needed a sleep, but he kept waking himself up.

Show ’em who’s boss

What do you do when your territory is under threat? This dog’s answer: Assert yourself.

Poor cat!

@_lovefordogs_ Good dog just wanted their bed back 😂 #dog #dogsoftiktok #wholesome @Lindsay Curtis ♬ Monkeys Spinning Monkeys – Kevin MacLeod & Kevin The Monkey


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