Saturday Sep 24, 2022

The other Machiavelli

However cynical it may seem, Machiavelli’s The Prince has long been recognized as a source of insights for anyone trying run a business or gain power in one. A ferocious little treatise of under 100 pages, The Prince was aimed at Lorenzo de’ Medici, the iron-handed Florentine ruler, by an author hoping to regain the proximity […]

The Evolution of Non-Gamstop Sports Games

Gambling as a leisure activity has been part of life since the dawn of civilisation. Any bettor who enjoys the thrill and anticipation of a dice roll and expects to see what the ending result will be understands why. The tension, the rush of excitement, the adrenaline when you win the jackpot, and the sinking […]

Affordable Mobile Homes – Cut Down Living Expenses Without Compromises

Stable, cheap housing may become more prevalent in the coming future to cut living costs. A dependable and encouraging home environment can support individuals to spend their money on critical urgencies. Low-income people’s performance in every sphere of life may be facilitated by affordable mobile homes by promoting family financial security, limiting family mobility, providing […]

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