Sunday Nov 27, 2022

Best POS Systems for 2022

Thanks to advances in technology and a decline in POS prices over the years, there is a POS system for every size of business. The hardware no longer costs several thousand dollars, and the service contracts aren’t hundreds of dollars a month. Today, there are price points to fit a one-shop merchant as well as […]

What Is Compensation Management? –

A lot more goes into compensation management than just giving your employees some money and hoping they will stay. A well-thought-out strategy can be the difference between a mass exodus and long-term employee retention. The concept of “total compensation” matters. It is where the real battle is fought for top talent. Your compensation management program […]

How the Fed came through the pandemic

Trillion Dollar Triage: How Jay Powell and the Fed Battled a President and a Pandemic—and Prevented Economic Disaster by Nick Timiraos, Little, Brown and Company, 2022 The first thing people know about Jay Powell is that he is the chair of the US Federal Reserve. The second is that he is not an economist. After […]

Teaming is hard because you’re probably not really on a team

We’ve been thinking a lot about teams lately. As more companies release formal policies around hybrid and remote work, leaders are telling us that remote work has made working together, or teaming, difficult and has frayed the culture of their organizations. Of course, many companies, including ours, have long embraced remote work, with great success. […]

Mitsubishi Corporation’s green transition

The Inside the Mind of the CEO interview series explores a wide range of critical decisions faced by chief executives around the world. For more insight, see PwC’s CEO Survey. Takehiko Kakiuchi is a company man, having joined Mitsubishi Corporation in 1979 as a recent Kyoto University graduate. The turning point in […]

The Best HR Software of 2022

With its mobile-friendly platform, performance management add-ons, and employee self-service features, BambooHR is our choice as the best HR software for managing and tracking the performance of your employees. Depending on the plan you choose, the software allows for goal tracking, peer feedback, self and manager assessments, and employee and company performance reports. Additionally, you […]

Thriving at work in the post-pandemic world

Let’s call the past two years what they have been: a collective trauma. We haven’t always labeled it as such because we tend to think of trauma as a horrendous experience, like war or a physical attack, that happens to a discrete set of people. However, in organizations across every industry, the impact of the […]

Workers are Seeking or Planning to Seek New Jobs

Public health crises past and present have caused labor shortages that ripped out and reworked the fabric of society. The Great Plague liberated serfs, the Spanish Flu brought women to the workplace, and COVID-19 is empowering modern employees to redefine work-life balance and find roles that fit their lifestyles. In upending the economy, the coronavirus […]

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